Some SEO agencies are illiterate

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About once or twice a week I get emails like this via my website

Some SEO agencies are illiterate

To send me a message via my website you have to read past the following text.

Some SEO agencies are illiterate

So this proves that SEO some agencies are illiterate.

I am not alone, many other bloggers receive the same.  If only the staff sending these messages were real bloggers themselves, they would quickly realise this just does not work for authentic bloggers.

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    Some SEO agencies are illiterate

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    London Calling » Some SEO agencies are illiterate

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    RT @AndrewGrill: many bloggers have had the same experience as me with SEO agencies sending requests to write content for me >

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    SEO Packages

    I agree, SEO basic training is essential, but it is really complicated to the extent that process. I also agree that time is an important element. Can our “mature” as a good bottle of wine!

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